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Why have a health check?

Whether you are starting a new activity or want to understand more about your health, our health checks provide our patients with piece of mind and the opportunity to identify any potential risks to their health such as heart disease, stroke or diabetes and take pro-active and positive steps to address them.

Choose from our range of health checks…


What’s Included?
Height, weight, BMIgreen-tickorange-tick
General health advicegreen-tickorange-tick
Blood pressuregreen-tickorange-tick
Type 2 diabetesgreen-tickorange-tick*
Basic Respiratoryorange-tick
Basic Cardiologyorange-tick
Full history & health revieworange-tick
Advanced blood testsorange-tick
Advanced Respiratoryorange-tick
Well Man/Woman Checkorange-tick
Duration30 mins1hr 15mins
Lead clinicianNurse LedGP Led
* Please note these are more detailed tests than those in the basic health check

Joining the Gym, dusting off the bike or training for a marathon?

Fitness Health Check
What’s Included?
Height, weight, BMIblue-tick
General health adviceblue-tick
Blood pressureblue-tick
Lipid Profileblue-tick
Basic Respiratoryblue-tick
Basic Cardiologyblue-tick
Duration40 mins
Lead clinicianGP Led

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