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At The Private Health Practice, we strongly believe in providing the highest possible standard of cosmetic treatments to our patients. That is why all of our procedures are carried out by Specialist Consultants. These Consultants are experts in their fields, who will ensure that your experience of cosmetic surgery exceeds your expectations.

We have close links and relationships with local hospitals, allowing us to offer surgical procedures which require a full hospital operating theatre environment. These procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • Breast uplift, augmentation, reduction and reconstruction
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Thigh and buttock lift
  • Upper arm reduction
  • Face lift
  • Neck lift
  • Eyelids
  • Brow lift
  • Rhinoplasty (nose)

For all cosmetic patients we offer an initial consultation with one of our Consultants. This allows you to ask any questions you might have regarding a procedure, and gives the surgeon the opportunity to assess your suitability for a procedure.

To book your  consultation, please give us a call on 01722 342 630 and one of our team will be delighted to help.